‘Ink Master’ season 6: What do we want to see for ‘Ink Master’ season 6?

Ink Master

Will there be a returning artist moving into “Ink Master” season 6? Ever since season 3 we have had America’s vote to bring back an artist for the next season, so we won’t be too surprised if that happens again, but what else do we want to see happen? Rivals: This theme worked out so … Read More

‘Ink Master: Rivals’ finale preview: Cleen Rock One, Jason Clay Dunn, Erik Sidua battle for title

Ink Master

Well folks, we are almost at the end of “Ink Master: Rivals” and what a season it has been! We weren’t sure about the rivals twist when it was first introduced because we were worried that the drama was going to over shadow the tattoos, but we have honestly loved it. The tattoos were still … Read More

‘Ink Master: Rivals’ season 5, episode 15 preview: Erik Siuda, Jason Clay Dunn take on huge challenge

Ink Master

The final four on “Ink Master: Rivals” have been revealed, and it came after a particular tough elimination Tuesday night. Jason Clay Dunn, Erik Siuda, Mark Longenecker, and Cleen Rock One are all still around and competing for the grand prize and the title, and they are about to face one of their biggest challenges yet. … Read More

‘Ink Master: Rivals’ season 5, episode 14 preview: A panel of guest judges strikes fear

Mark Longenecker

Guest judges have always been a big part of the “Ink Master” universe, and while it might be scary for the contestants to have an extra person judging them, we have found (for the most part) that the guest judges critiques have been extremely helpful. Just look at Tim Hendricks for a good example of … Read More