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Thanks for visiting the site! We at CarterMatt.com are here to provide you with the top stories when it comes to all things TV. Whether you want episode reviews, previews or promos, casting news, daily ratings, or exclusive interviews with actors, showrunners or reality TV personalities, CarterMatt has a been a credible source for television news for ten years.

Meet the team

Jessica Carter, Co-Founder and TV journalist – Jessica began writing professionally in her late teens with her first feature film script, (which was also the first HD24p feature film ever made in Canada directed by Jessica as well under the name “Jessica Hudson”) called “Drop Dead Roses” starring Brian O’Halloran (Clerks), Eddie McGee (Big Brother season 1 winner), and Chris Diamantopoulos (The Three Stooges, Arrested Development, Silicon Valley). She has an extensive background in film and television as well as festivals and markets with 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Jessica is a Co-Founder of CarterMatt.com and is a journalist on the site. She also writes television reviews, previews, and conducts celebrity interviews for the site.

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Matt Carter, Co-Founder and TV journalist – Professionally, Matt has been working as an entertainment writer since 2005, but has had a passion for TV and all things creative long before that. He’s an English graduate who has been around the entertainment industry in a number of different ways. In addition to being an editor, writer, interviewer, and host of video and audio content, he is also a former contestant on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and “Beauty and the Geek.” which gives him some inside knowledge into the inner workings of the genre.

Matt helped to officially launch CarterMatt as a TV-exclusive portal after years of writing for other websites. With his knowledge of the industry and dedicated work ethic, he wanted to help create a platform for all TV news that is never intrusive, but instead focused on celebrating shows that the viewers love.

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CarterMatt staff – Outside of Matt and Jessica Carter, we have a small but trusted team of writers and specialists that help keep the website going strong. We really couldn’t do it without their help and it’s because of our team that we are able to not only do what we love every day, but also provide you with the best TV news on the internet.

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