Ratings: ‘Gotham,’ ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ ‘Scorpion’ drop; ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ premieres low

Scorpion -

We expected there to be quite a few significant ratings drops given that there always are at around this point. With that being said, some are worse than others. The shows that are still on pretty solid footing in the 18-49 demographic are “Scorpion” (3.0), which surprisingly kept most of its audience despite not having … Read More

ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 7, episode 2 preview: Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, ‘Montreal,’ and what’s next

The latest -

Tonight was an emotional gut-punch on “Castle,” but thanks to its super-secretive nature, details about the second episode of season 7 are a little sketchier than they would otherwise be. ABC has not released a synopsis for “Montreal” yet, and are basically trying to get you to use your imagination based on where tonight ended. … Read More

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 6, episode 2 preview: Hetty’s investigation, more in ‘Inelegant Heart’

More scoop -

On Monday night’s season 6 premiere of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” you probably saw more crazy stuff than you ever expected, for one, Sam and Callen suddenly each managed to somehow swim their way to the surface after escaping from a submarine. In addition to that, we had Kensi head-butting Talia in the fact when she … Read More