‘Ink Master: Rivals’ exclusive: Caroline Evans talks roses, skulls and tattoo industry

Ink Master

We have started season 5 of “Ink Master: Rivals” with a bang as the masterminds behind the show brought us a premiere that was filled with the drama that we crave, but also brought the focus back on the tattoos that we love! Unfortunately we have had our first casualty this season with an artist … Read More

Exclusive: Antonio Sabato Jr. previews new syndicated show ‘Fix It and Finish It’

Fix It and Finish It -

Starting on Monday, September 8, a different sort of program is coming to syndication, one that emphasizes a positive message and trying to do good versus arguments, drama, and other daytime TV tropes. The show is entitled “Fix It and Finish It,” and every week host Antonio Sabato Jr. and his crew work with different … Read More