‘Ink Master: Rivals’ exclusive: Aaron Is talks Emily Elegado rivalry, life since the show

Ink Master

Aaron Is was one of the more underrated, underestimated contestants on this season of “Ink Master: Rivals” and for the life of us we couldn’t figure out why. He produced some of our favorite tattoos (we loved the skull and roses that he inked on a canvas’ skull), and he was smart to stay out of … Read More

‘Ink Master: Rivals’ exclusive: Don Peddicord on judges, favorite tattoo and elimination

Ink Master

Don  Peddicord may not have had one of those crazy huge personalities that took over “Ink Master: Rivals” this season, but he was someone that had strong tattoos, cool designs, and let his artwork speak for it’s self. And his artwork really did speak for it’s self as he lasted a lot longer then some … Read More

‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ interview: Jeremy Collins on strategy, targets, Jon’s move, playing again

Jeremy -

We’re not going to lie: We’re really bummed about the last two eliminations on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur.” Within the span of these two episodes, we lost two of the most interesting players in Josh Canfield and Jeremy Collins. The interesting thing about Jeremy is that most of the moves that he made should have worked. … Read More

‘MasterChef Junior’ exclusive: A chat with Samuel on cooking history, creativity, and watching yourself on TV

MasterChef Junior -

We are two episodes into “MasterChef Junior’s” second season, but it did not take us too long at all to clue into the fact that Samuel was one of the more entertaining home cooks this season. Even though he is not old enough to drive (or really even that close), he can probably cook circles around … Read More

‘Ink Master: Rivals’ exclusive: Joshua Hibbard on rivalry, stress and motivation

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Joshua Hibbard could have easily won this season of “Ink Master: Rivals” with the tattoos he was producing this season, but with one incident that went against the contract he signed with the show, he was eliminated without the title and the prize – but did Joshua really lose in this situation? We don’t think … Read More

Ink Master: Rivals’ exclusive: Julia Carlson on fair game play, elimination, and harsh words

Ink Master

Julia Carlson left a big impression on the “Ink Master: Rivals” universe as she was one of the contestants with the least experience (compared to people there with 17 years + experience), but she managed to take out some pretty big players during her time on the show. We were disappointed to see Julia go … Read More