‘Big Brother 17’ prediction: Who we think will emerge as winner

Big Brother -It’s that time of year again: “Big Brother” predictions! It’s something that we consistently enjoy doing, really regardless of whether or not we are close to correct. We’re much better at this for “Big Brother Canada” (we’ve picked accurately there in two our of three seasons), whereas with this show we’ve been less than successful. Our last two picks were Nicole and Candice, and at least we can say that they made the jury.

Sure, we realize that it is possible that there could be two more houseguests entering the game during the premiere, but we don’t want anything on the show to influence our pick. Plus, we wouldn’t name a returning houseguests / twist recipient to be the champion anyway.

Without further ado now, let’s go through the entire roster here to figure out where we think all of these people are ultimately going to finish.

14. Jason Roy – The fact that he has a specific pre-show strategy (align with the women) reminds us of Pau Pau, and we’re not sure that is a comparison he wants. Also, he has a job that may hilariously throw people off (he really stocks groceries, people!), and we don’t think he is going to be able to play it cool enough to make the moves that he wants. We see a Brian-esque early downfall for Jason.

13. Liz Nolan – She’s not technically a model, but her character type still seems perfect for the “model curse” spot here. We just don’t think that she has the gameplay to last deep unless she gets the right showmance partner. That’s not a tremendous plan.

12. Meg Maley – The pattern for the past few seasons has been to get with a huge alliance and take out easier targets, and after watching all of the videos we just don’t see Meg meshing very well with some of the other contestants.

11. Audrey Middleton – We’re very worried about Audrey, mostly because the setup of “Big Brother” may actually cause her being the first transgender contestant to be a disadvantage. If the other players sense that she is getting extra attention or if she receives some sort of game-changer, that makes her more of a target. We don’t see her leaving the first two weeks, but she’s going to have a very hard time winning unless she can go under the radar for a time.

10. Austin Matelson – He may be injured and we really find him to be a fascinating guy; he just looks so different from the other houseguests and will probably be thought of as a threat really regardless of whatever he does. He may get a little bit of a Howard treatment in that regard.

9. Steve Moses – News flash: Steve is not going to do as well as his brain assumes he is going to do. We’ve had three big-time strategists in Ian, Andy, and Derrick win in a row, and players will be aware of this on a certain level. Steve’s going to have an uphill battle.

8. Jace Agolli – Come this time, the guy’s going to be trying in so many competitions that nobody is going to want to see him making it to the very end. He’ll be useful for a little while since he’s probably not going to be much of a strategist, but he’ll end up being more trouble than he’s worth.

7. Vanessa Rousso – There are two things that worry us about Vanessa in this game: That Da’Vonne could know who she is, and also that she’s going to have a hard time keeping her job a secret. Derrick managed to do it so it’s possible, but the majority of the houseguests with “secret jobs” have failed at it. She’ll have a hard time keeping it quiet that she is a threat.

6. Shelli Poole – We don’t really think Shelli is going to necessarily do that much that is wrong, other than maybe making a few social mistakes here and there. It’s just going to be hard to envision her winning.

5. Da’Vonne Rogers – Once again, we think Derrick being a parent and having that emotional punch at the end may influence things this season slightly. Da’Vonne’s a smart woman and will have a great chance of winning at the end. She’s just not going to be able to pull of the competition wins.

4. James Huling – To us, James is a combination of Donny and Caleb in that he’ll be very likable a la Donny, and a good team player most of the time in Caleb who will do what his alliance wants no matter what. Since he is also a parent, though, it’s too big of a risk to take him to the final three.

3. John McGuire – Our heart wants to pick Johnny Mac as the winter since he is incredibly entertaining, but typically the biggest characters fail to make it all the way to the final two. He will probably be the architect behind many of the biggest moves, but fall just a little bit short.

2. Clay Honeycutt – When we first assessed Clay we put him in around the Big Jeff position, but the truth here is that the more we’ve thought about it, the more we’ve started to feel like he doesn’t really have Jeff’s charisma. Other than the fact that he will win competitions, what’s the reason to get rid of the guy. Is he really going to be a strategic mastermind? We doubt it. He’s more of a great person to bring to the end on the modern era.

1. Becky Burgess – One of the few times we have correctly picked “Survivor” was when we named Kim Spradlin as our champion for “One World.” We had the same feeling about Becky here as we did Kim preseason. Maybe she’s not going to make the biggest splash, but she’s smart, social, and she is probably going to do a good job of making alliances and most importantly, not making enemies. Against Clay, she should win pretty handily.

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