‘America’s Got Talent’ finale results: Was Mat Franco, Emily West, Sons of Sereindip, or AcroArmy the winner?

America's Got Talent -

Tonight, the big moment for “America’s Got Talent” was here: The results! This is when we finally learned (granted, after a massive amount of filler) who was the champion, and who were the runners-up. Before we start, can we say that we actually wish Mat Franco did this trick last night? Using Rosie O’Donnell and Howard Stern … Read More

‘The Amazing Race: Australia vs. New Zealand’ episodes 8 and 9 review: The final three revealed

The Amazing Race -

“The Amazing Race: Australia vs. New Zealand” is now going into its finale Monday, and you can probably go ahead and just rename this now “The Amazing Race Australia.” After losing two of their teams in the early going, the Aussies are now making up the entirety of the final three. In all honesty, though, … Read More

‘Ink Master: Rivals’ season 5, episode 3 review: Does Emily Elegado’s ego match her artwork?

Ink Master

After seeing Caroline Evans go home the first week of “Ink Master: Rivals” it was clear that this season wasn’t going to be anything but predictable. Last week we lost Elton “LT” Duarte during the pinup challenge (although everyone really kind of dropped the ball on this one), and it seems that outside of Jason … Read More