NCIS season 17 episode 19 review: Did Jimmy and Kasie save the day?

We knew from the early going that NCIS season 17 episode 19 was going to be an episode that we especially enjoyed. How in the world could we not? It was a spotlight for Jimmy and Kasie, and it was also an opportunity to see a heist story gone awry.

Set around St. Patrick’s Day, a good bit of the episode revolved around seeing these two try and find a way to survive in the diner amidst a hostage situation. The occupants of the diner included some robbers/smugglers who wanted to do what they could to get out of there … with some diamonds that they swallowed on their way to Argentina. These guys were like the NCIS version of the Cody family from Animal Kingdom … except not as careful with the planning process. Some of the guys died along the way, and eventually, all Jimmy and Kasie had to do is still for long enough to ensure that everyone inside was going to be okay.

Despite the situation that they were in, Jimmy spent most of the episode being as polite as possible. Then, he got angry. The moment that he told head robber Max that he was “stupid” for throwing out the phone, a different side of him emerged. We saw Jimmy and Kasie do their part in order to be heroes — we knew that they were capable of this in advance of this episode, but we gotta admit that it was still rather fun to watch them in this environment.

At the end of the day, the two were able to stall for long enough in order to ensure that Gibbs could come in and arrest the guys. The day was saved, and Jimmy/Kasie ended up getting praise aplenty from the likes of Vance and Gibbs.


NCIS season 17 episode 19 brought a few laughs, a lot of intuitiveness, and a reminder that Jimmy and Kasie have learned a lot from their time around their colleagues. They showed, with a little bit of blarney, that they were going to be able to withstand a near-deadly situation.

Consider this a St. Patrick’s Day victory for the NCIS team overall.

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