Bosch season 6 premiere review: Bosch’s new case, Irving’s surprising news!

The Bosch season 5 finale set us up nicely for the the Bosch season 6 premiere and considering that they knew they were already green-lit for more this was a prime opportunity to continue on the Daisy Clayton murder storyline. Daisy was 14 when she was murdered and was the daughter of a woman Bosch met during his undercover opioid operation last season. Season 6 kicks off about a year after that ended and he’s still looking into Daisy’s case, but that won’t be the only storyline going on this time around! Let’s see what else they have in store for us!

The big case for Bosch this season revolves around a medical physicist who is murdered over some stolen cesium by a group called the 308’s. The stolen cesium can cause all kinds of problems, including making people sick and biological warfare and there are already some inklings of illness spreading. Maddie’s new boyfriend is a pediatric nurse and has informed her that all hospitals have all hands on deck at the moment with what they think is a potential outbreak. Kinda bad timing on this season with what’s gong on in the real world if you were hoping to watch Bosch to get away from that.

After realizing that Marcos and Arias are dirty cops Jerry and a small team have been following them to see if they can catch them in the act. Marcos is very paranoid that they are being watched so Jerry is having a harder time nailing them then he thought. After watching them arrest some guys they are hoping that Marcos and Arias were going to pocket the cash and guns so Jerry could nail them, but they properly went by the books and everything was accounted for. Thinking that they are close to being found out Marcos and Arias tell the people they are working with that they need to go cold for awhile leaving their associates more then a little uneasy. They assure them that they have zero to worry about, but they decide to kill Marcos and Arias just in case the cops are getting too close. We definitely weren’t expecting to see such a big death in the premiere, but this season of Bosch is here to play!

Irving is still pushing his run for Mayor and his approach is to go after solely small donors, no more then $100 per donation so he can show that he’s not able to be bought. When a bigger fish jumps into the pool his campaign manager introduces Irving to someone that will get him the money he really needs to win this whole thing, but he’s skeptical and wants to be clear that this doesn’t mean he’s in anyone’s pocket. Irving also finds out that he’s going to be a father, something he says he didn’t expect at his age, but we are excited for how many storylines Irving has set up this season. Anything that gives Lance Reddick more screen-time is good for all of us!

CarterMatt Verdict

This premiere nicely set up the season and the storylines we are going to be getting this time around. We did have a bit of a shocker with Marcos and Arias dying so early in the season, really thought that was going to play out a lot longer, so there were some surprises here. We aren’t completely sold on another biological warfare cop story since we’ve seen that play out so many times on a number of other shows, but Bosch has a way for taking a storyline we’ve seen elsewhere and giving it a brand new coat of paint, so we are hopeful. Over all this has the same solid Bosch feel to it that we’ve come to love over the years.

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