Blue Bloods season 10 episode 13 review: Frank’s double-dose of drama

Blue Bloods season 10

Blue Bloods season 10 episode 13 tonight served as a reminder that there are few breaks from policework. It comes in many shapes or forms, and it takes place in many places.

Take, for example, what happened with Danny and Baez tonight as we started to see these characters travel all sorts of places in order to solve their latest murder case. It took them to the dead of night and, eventually, it led to a chase out in the streets. Eventually, he was able to solve the case involving a photographer’s murder, but how much stood out? How many finer details, other than some cool action sequences, will you remember?

Meanwhile, what we saw with Jamie and Eddie was a little more personal and complicated. An ambulance-chaser was getting a hold of valuable information, stuff that shouldn’t be disclosed to such people. It was enough to make Jamie try to protect Eddie, given the possibility of her being some sort of mole. We knew that she wasn’t, and Jamie probably did too. He just wanted to help, but that created more issues with some of her fellow officers. The cop paranoia was very much off the charts.

Jamie was able to find out a source for some of this information, and it stemmed in the end to some cops just trying to help out a doctor pay his bills by recommending patients. Sometimes, a single act can lead to widespread complications.

For Frank, he found himself tonight facing a couple of different crises. For starters, he had to take on a complicated case of police brutality … one that involved conflict between an officer and another. This was not your carbon-copy case of brutality — let’s just frame it that way. It’s one where Frank had to lean more on his advisers for support, especially since there was no clear path for punishment.

Frank also found himself squaring off with Erin over some controversial rules that were allowing defense attorneys to get the names and addresses of possible witnesses and victims — which leads to them being left vulnerable if the information ever gets out. She wanted to protect people who couldn’t protect themselves, but unfortunately this was not a case where the tides could turn immediately. As she told Anthony, it was more about trying to find a way in order to move the rules inch by inch.

CarterMatt Verdict

One of the best things that we can say about Blue Bloods season 10 episode 13 is that it delivered some thought-provoking storylines in the moment. Yet, there are still problems that persist with this season, including a lack of notable content that will play out moving forward. Tonight was as standalone as you’re going to get, with even the closure for some storylines feeling a tad muted, as well. Frank at least found himself pushed from a number of different sources.

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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