The Walking Dead season 10 episode 13 sneak peek: A request for Michonne

The Walking Dead - MichonneAs we approach The Walking Dead season 10 episode 13, we don’t have to tell you that this will be important for Michonne. It’s possible that this episode is the final one for Michonne, as she goes on a journey with the character with Virgil. They’re heading off to the island in order for him to explore this new world.

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What do we learn in the new sneak peek below? Well, it may have a thing or two to do with Virgil wanting Michonne to offer his family some “closure.” It seems like for the longest time, most of the inhabitants on this island were okay and in the clear. Then, the sickness came and nobody was altogether prepared for it. It seems like much of Virgil’s family is gone … or at least gone in a way that he remembers them and he wants Michonne to finish the job.

When you think back to the early days of Danai Gurira on the show, Michonne was running around and killing zombies. This was a part of her MO, and a big part of what made her the character that she is. Well, now we’re going to see her doing some of that again. She will be out, taking out walkers, and it remains to be seen if she will make it back to her own family. If she does leave, we think that there are only two real reasons why: Either she dies (we don’t want that), or she is off trying to find the one other person in her family that matters to her extensively in Rick Grimes.

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