The Blacklist season 7: Is Katarina Rostova an imposter?

The Blacklist season 7 episode 3There are a lot of interesting questions that The Blacklist season 7 tonight may make you wonder, but one of the biggest ones pertains to Katarina Rostova. Is she really Katarina at all?

The NBC series has long done a good job of playing into the trust (or, occasionally, lack thereof) that exists between Liz Keen and Reddington, and you see a lot of that play out within the midseason premiere. Liz is clearly desperate for answers when it comes to Reddington’s endgame, in addition to whether or not her mom can supply her with answers on her past. She helped her fake her own death, and she hasn’t told Reddington that she is still out there.

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Yet, near the conclusion of tonight’s new episode “Victoria Fenberg,” Liz and Reddington discussed the idea that the famed “Woman in Paris” claimed that she was Katarina — which led to Reddington presenting a monologue of truth vs. fiction. He seems to be pushing that this woman is not Katarina — but if that was the case, why did he do what he did in the season 6 finale? there are a couple of different ways to read it — he may be duping Liz, or it’s possible that he’s of the belief that this Katarina is not the same woman who he once knew and loved. He did tell Liz earlier on in the episode that her mother was “gone” — not dead, but just gone.

There is one question we do constantly wonder, though, when it comes to the idea of Katarina being not who she says — given how many people would want her dead, why would someone impersonate her?

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