CarterMatt Awards 2019: Absentia, Blindspot, Last Man Standing, NCIS among Underrated Show nominees

Underrated ShowWelcome to the 2019 CarterMatt Awards! This is our year-end tradition (eight years strong!) where we as a site celebrate some of the best that TV has to offer! Our staff joins forces to hand-pick nominees across a wide array of different fields, and then leaves it up to you to declare the winner. This has always been one of our favorite times of the year, as we get a chance to celebrate TV while looking back at the individual elements that make it great.

Today we’re discussing Underrated Show — a longtime award that we’ve had and a personal favorite. The truth is that in this modern era, there are hundreds of different shows on the air — of those, we’d argue that at least a few dozen are worthy of major awards. Yet, the awards-show cycle tends to be dominated by around 10-15 programs, which leaves a lot of other ones completely in the dust. That is what this particular category is for. We’re recognizing shows here that don’t get anywhere near the attention that they deserve. What’s the criteria? It’s so simple as this — none of the shows nominated here have received an Emmy or a Golden Globe nomination in an overall category.

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Now, let’s get to sharing the Underrated Show nominees…

Absentia (Amazon) – A thought-provoking thriller anchored by a fantastic performance by Stana Katic. It explores the human psyche, survival, and the complicated notion of family while also featuring characters who are facing constant life-or-death secrets. This is a show operating under a currency of high stakes and surprises, with each one more substantial than the last.

Blindspot (NBC) – What happens when you combine great characters, large-scale mystery, and one of the best cliffhangers of the past twelve months? You get Blindspot, a show that we’ve missed on the fall schedule and one we’re very-much eager to have back sooner rather than later. It’s too bad it won’t be back until the summer.

Chicago PD (NBC) – By far the darkest of the three One Chicago shows when it comes to subject matter, and also one of the most intense. This past year we’ve seen stories about political corruption, race, and sobriety, and also absolution take place, and while the city makes for a great city, it’s the characters that have you coming back for more.

The Flash (The CW) – Is this the best season of The Flash in years? We’d argue that the Bloodwork story arc has made us care for many of these characters the most since season 2 — it may be dark and terrifying at times, but it also still maintains some of that trademark humor and comic-book charm.

Good Omens (Amazon) – While it was able to snag some technical nominations at the Emmys this summer, the David Tennant – Michael Sheen project was surprisingly snubbed from some of the larger categories. It brought the work of Neil Gaiman to life in a way that was visually stunning, but also well-acted and gripping from start to finish.

Last Man Standing (Fox) – With numbers for Young Sheldon falling and with The Conners and Modern Family not what they once were, there’s a chance that the Tim Allen series could compete for the #1 comedy on TV in the new year. That says a lot about this show, and also its ability to retain viewers with solid laughs, year after year.

NCIS (CBS) – Think about the return of Cote de Pablo, the personal stories for Gibbs, the humor in episodes like “IRL,” and also the emotional Fornell finale story in “Daughters.” Pound for pound, you could argue that this has been the best year for NCIS since Cote was actually a series regular. There’s so much to like across the board!

SEAL Team (CBS) – Finally, we’ve got a magnificent portrayal of active-military life, and not just in terms of seeing Bravo Team out on deployment. It’s about the limits that these characters push themselves to and their struggles at home just as much as in the field. It’s well-acted, and it does its best to stay realistic in a climate where bigger is often better.

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