CarterMatt Awards 2019: Categories, rules, & nomination / results schedule

CarterMatt Awards

Welcome to the 2019 CarterMatt Awards! This is our eighth year celebrating these awards, and it’s long been a fun way for all of us here at the site to embrace and celebrate all things TV. We recognize some of the best shows and actors across the board, but we like to go beyond that — these awards are meant to praise everyone from showrunners to fans, as well, for their contributions to making this TV ecosystem so great.  There are a wide range of interesting categories, and we hope that you enjoy taking part this year just like we’ve enjoyed conducting them for so many years.

Consider this article to be your official landing page for the 2019 CarterMatt Awards this year. This is where we have the voting rules, plus also a list of all the categories as well as a schedule as to when new ones will be posted. Be sure to check back every day for the first two weeks of this month for a new category!

This article is meant to be your one-stop shop for all things CarterMatt Awards throughout the coming weeks — here, we will have everything from the voting rules, the list of categories, and a schedule as to when polls will close and the winners will be named. Be sure to check back daily!

How are the nominees chosen? – The nominees are chosen by the entire CarterMatt staff in the days leading up to the nominations and each year, we try to pick a group that will resonate with us alongside our readership.

Voting rules – Voting begins for each category on the day in which a new category is posted. (Refer to the schedule below.) This landing page will be updated the moment that new nominees are announced with a link for your viewing convenience! You can vote for any category however often you want until the closing of the voting window — all polls close at 12:00 p.m. Pacific time (3:00 p.m. Eastern) on Tuesday, December 31.

I can’t see the poll on an individual category page; what do I do? – If you are on mobile, scroll to the bottom of the page and click to view the non-AMP version. If that does not work, give the poll a moment to load! On some mobile browsers, it may take a moment to show up. If you are still having trouble, try switching to a different device.

How can I vote more than once? – If you are having trouble casting multiple votes, try switching your browser, your device, or visiting the page under private browsing or incognito mode. There should be many handy guides online explaining how to do so if you are interested. Note that in periods of heavy voting, real-time stats may be delayed, but all votes are being counted on our end.

Happy voting! We hope you enjoy the awards this year as much as we enjoy doing them.

2018 CarterMatt Awards nomination schedule

December 1 Best New Show

December 2 Bring It Back Award

December 3 Underrated Show

December 4 Underrated Actor

December 5 Underrated Actress

December 6 Top Actor

December 7 Top Actress

December 8 Best Couple

December 9 ‘Ship of the Year

December 10 Best Fanbase

December 11 Favorite Showrunner

December 12 Breakout Star

December 13 Show of the Year

Thank you for your support! Your readership makes CarterMatt what it is, and we’re happy to provide these awards year after year as a celebration of the past 12 months of TV.

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