Absentia season 2 Canadian premiere date revealed by Showcase

AbsentiaThe good news just keeps on coming for Absentia season 2! It feels like this has been a week of near-constant great news on the show which is very much needed since there’s been barely anything for ages. We’ve already reported on a number of overseas premiere dates, and we’ve broken down the official trailer.

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Today, the news we come bearing is the Canadian season 2 premiere date! Think Wednesday, April 3 on Showcase. This is glorious news! For starters, Canadian viewers aren’t being forced to wait as long following the international rollout for season 2 — this is premiering just under 15 months from when season 1 premiered. Also, we need the show back in North America as soon as humanly possible. We’re committed to discussing, theorizing, and possibly losing our minds on Absentia, and this helps to ensure we can do it a little bit sooner. Showcase did a pretty incredible job promoting season 1 — there are many reasons why we’re proud to be a dual citizen. Sure, great Canadian networks may not be at the top of the list, but it’s certainly on there. They treat their programs well, and season 1 had everything from big billboards to a TV press tour featuring Stana Katic.

Season 2, for those who have not heard yet, will pick up with Katic’s character of Emily Byrne working to try to regain some normalcy in her life. Her name is cleared and her family is safe, but she still doesn’t have answers to all of her life’s great mysteries. She doesn’t know everything that happened to her in her time of captivity. Some secrets are best buried — others will drive you mad if you don’t know and for Emily Byrne, it feels like she is falling victim more to the latter. These secrets are eating her alive and her search for answers could set in motion other events. The investigation becomes tied into another case, and you’re going to eventually uncover in this season a far-reaching conspiracy, one that could make your brain explode and make you chant “I need season 3” at your television with tremendous ferocity.

Why should I watch Absentia?

If you find yourself asking this question, consider us your lifeline!

1. It’s awesome. Okay, you may need more details than that.

2. It’s gloriously intense. It starts off like you’re slowly climbing up a roller-coster, anticipating that moment when you’re about to plummet closer to the ground. Then, it happens right when you start to think you’re prepared for it. You’re not.

3. Katic’s performance. It’s Emmy worthy, even if the show wasn’t eligible for the traditional Emmys in season 1. She’s intense, harrowing and strong – everything we want Stana to bring to the table she does.

4. The cinematography. If you want your TV shows to feel like cinematic works of art, here you go. It’s dark, moody, atmospheric, and it makes you more unnerved than many of the best psychological thrillers out there.

What about a US air date?

It’s coming to Amazon Prime, but nothing is 100% official just yet. It’s something we’re watching out for, but remember the old saying that patience is a virtue. We understand that it’s a little bit harder to be patient with a show this good and with everyone else around the world getting a chance to dive in first! It’s probably a little later for Amazon just because it puts all the episodes up at once. For these other countries, you gotta go through the agonizing practice of having one episode air the week after the next … you know, the same practice that most TV viewers have endured for their entire lives.

Excited for more Absentia goodness?

Be sure to share with us in the comments below what you are most excited for this season. (Photo: Sony.)

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