Chicago PD season 6 episode 2 review: Jay Halstead’s quest; Jesse Lee Soffer shines

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 2Chicago PD season 6 episode 2 concluded the epic three-part crossover event, and it certainly wrapped things up with sadness in the air — and also death.

After all, the third part of the crossover did not offer up any hope for Jay and Will Halstead’s father. He’s gone and at this point, the Halsteads have to just prepare to send him off. For Jay, this situation was also so much more than that given that throughout this episode, he was desperate to ensure that there was justice for both his father and all of the victims of the fire.

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It was determined over the course of this crossover that the culprit responsible for the fire was an up-and-coming cartel member named Daniel, someone we’ve seen turn up throughout the first two parts of the crossover. (Read about part 1 of the crossover at this link, and part 2 of it over here.) Daniel was the son of a cartel driver named Carlos (played by Dexter alum David Zayas), who was not too keen on talking. It wasn’t until Carlos’ other son in Juan was used as bait that he was willing to start talking. He gave Intelligence some of the information that they needed, but that’s when Halstead went rogue with the help of Kelly Severide.

Jay eventually found Daniel and what ensued was a violent showdown. The good news is that Halstead survived. The bad news? He disobeyed orders in the process, got shot, and nearly ended up losing his job. He also enraged Voight to the point where there could be more consequences for it later. Yet, we think that every single member of Intelligence would’ve done the same if they were mourning someone who was a part of their life. Jay and his dad weren’t exactly on good terms, but in seeing some of the photos that his father kept in the closing minutes, the look on Jay’s face said it all. There was so much about the man that he did not know or understand.

CarterMatt Verdict

We cannot even begin to describe how strong creatively that the One Chicago crossover was tonight, especially when it comes to Jesse Lee Soffer giving the performance of his career. This is an unforgettable crossover overall, and while part 3 didn’t feature as many crossovers as the first 2 (or at least it seemed that way), it concluded the story in spectacular fashion. It’s the sort of thing that makes you wonder why we don’t see more of these.

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What did you think about how the One Chicago crossover wrapped up, and do you think this is one of Jesse Lee Soffer’s finest work ever? Feel free to share some more of your thoughts on this subject now in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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