Chicago Fire season 7 episode 2 review: Who was injured in the fire?

Chicago Fire season 7 episode 2Chicago Fire season 7 episode 2 kicked things off with one of the biggest fires in all of One Chicago history — and by the end of it, it’s certainly possible you found yourself clutching some tissues.

The previews for this episode hinted at someone in Firehouse 51 being in danger, and that someone has turned out to be one Stella Kidd. She was in grave danger after what she went through in the field, and at the end of the episode, we saw the character carted off to Med for treatment. Kelly was upset — heck, we were upset after getting so invested in this character and also the Stella / Severide relationship.

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This wasn’t the only thing that was notable about this particular fire; it also put the life of Jay and Will Halstead’s father in danger. He was one of the residents of the building and we saw palpable fear from both of them as they struggled with the idea of their dad being in grave danger. Even though neither one of them have the best relationship in the world with their old man, it doesn’t matter. These are the sort of experiences that bring people together and make them realize what matters the most.

So were there any major Chicago Fire specific stories within this episode? There was a little bit of content crammed in here about Firehouse 51 leadership, but we think that even Gorsch had to respect Boden and what he did in the field … even if he was reluctant to do so. This episode also gave us a small sense of Emily Foster’s past in medical training. She views her new job as a chance to put some of those skills to use, and she has shown to be rather effective at it. That doesn’t mean that she has the respect of the entire first responder community, given that there is a reputation that is floating around out there. She and Sylvie Brett still have a lot of bonding to do.

Also, did we see our favorite Joe Cruz meet a potential love interest? There’s a chance of that, given what Joe Minoso told us earlier this season — he’s met someone in the fire who could end up being more, and who loves him for him. (Yet, in the midst of so much drama it’s rather hard to really be hopeful about romance / anything of the sort.) We gotta take the other stories seriously here!

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CarterMatt Verdict

A great kick-off to the crossover. Starting with Emily was a great way to introduce new Chicago Fire viewers to the world, and over the course of the hour things built and built until they nearly exploded. Suffice it to say, we’re only still in hour one! There’s so much more to come…

What do you think about Chicago Fire season 7 episode 2, and do you think that the writers set up the crossover well? Let us know below! (Photo: Fox.)

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