Siren finale review: Did Maddie and Ben break up?

siren season 1It feels like Siren just started, but believe it or not we are at the season 2 finale already. When we last saw Donna she had been shot and it looked like we may lose her. Is the season 1 finale going to end with a siren death?? Let’s see how it all wraps up.

Donna’s distress

In a desperate moment Ben calls Decker to try to help save Donna’s life. Even though Decker has done some things to Donna that he’s not proud of, this is his time for redemption and he wants to make things right with her, so he jumps on the opportunity to help her. We weren’t sure how she was going to react to seeing him, but Ryn reassured her that he was there to help this time…. was this really his only motive?

The Siren’s song

Decker’s ulterior motive came out pretty quickly after stabilizing Donna – he wants her to sing to him again because he feels like if he doesn’t hear it again he may lose his mind. Ryn tells Decker off saying that Donna didn’t sing to him because she loves him, but instead because she was trying to escape him. This brings up and interesting question then about Ryn singing to Ben. We know that she sang to him when they first met, but on the last episode when he was starting to become more obsessed with her, he asked her to sing to him again and she did so out of love. Are there different effects to the siren’s song depending on the feelings behind it?

Is Donna going to survive?

Decker uses the stem cells from Donna to try to save her life, but because he took them from her while she was in aquatic form they are not working and instead of helping, it seems that he’s accidentally sent her to her grave. Ryn decides to help Donna the only way she knows how – to end her suffering.

After death

Donna’s body cannot return to the water because she is in human form so Helen brings them to a small sacred graveyard where sirens from the massacre who changed into human form were buried. This includes the child that was born to Ben’s grandfather and his siren. The story of Ben’s grandfather taking their baby to the woods to kill them turned out not to be true, but instead he brought the baby to the woods looking for help. When the baby was born it was suffering and would eventually die and since he knew that doctors in Bristol Cove couldn’t help he brought the baby to alternative doctors in the woods who work with shapeshifters. They were able to help the baby transition and she lived for a very long time. Helen reveals that she is that baby’s last living decedent – not a full siren, but part siren and is related to Ben and his father.

Ben’s obsession grows stronger

When Maddie learns that Ryn sang to Ben to help him she realizes that this is probably why his obsession is getting out of control. Decker couldn’t handle the siren song obsession and killed himself by drowning in the ocean, so Ryn, and Maddie know that they have to find Ben right away. Unfortunately he has gone out into the ocean to clear his mind only to have it more muddled than before. When he almost drowns in the ocean Ryn is able to get to him in time to save him, but she feels incredibly guilty since she didn’t know that her song could do this to people.

Are Ben and Maddie breaking up?

To say things are strained between Ben and Maddie would be an understatement. When they first met Ryn they were working side by side to help Ryn as she quickly became part of their family, but the last little while Ben has gone rogue and is no longer working with Maddie, but more so against her like calling in Decker to help which is a decision that Maddie never would have agreed to. When Ben had a choice to help Donna or be with Maddie when her father was hurt he chose Ryn making the rift between them even deeper. After all that’s happened, Maddie decides to take some time away from Ben and go and stay with her father.

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CarterMatt verdict

With Donna’s death, Decker’s death, Maddie and Ben taking time apart and Ryn deciding to take some time away from Ben thinking that she is bad for him this was a pretty sad season finale. This show has never been unicorns and rainbows, but we didn’t expect it to be quite so sad making the wait until season 2 feel all the longer. This was a fantastic first season, they captivated us hook, line and sinker.

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