The Resident episode 11 review: Was Nic fired for Lily’s death?

The Resident episode 11The Resident episode 11 on Fox tonight proved to be a pretty powerful one when it comes to both hope and also hopeless for some of the different doctors. There ultimately two different orders of business here — trying to take down Dr. Bell and then, trying to also take down Dr. Lane Hunter.

In the aftermath of Lane’s death, it was pretty darn clear that there was a major problem Nurse Nic Nevin was facing. Lily’s family had decided to file suit against the hospital and with her being listed as one of the defendants, it was pretty easy to have the hospital make her take the fall. She wasn’t a doctor and with that, she was the perfect person for them to blame. While we may know that Nic was innocent, it’s a little bit harder to convince anyone among the hospital staff to see things the same exact way. they’re more enamored with some of the accomplishments of the senior doctors than they are with anything that a nurse has done.

The problem for Nic and, by extension, Conrad ended up going so much further than just convincing the hospital CEO Claire Thorpe that she was innocent. She also had to fight against Lane and Dr. Bell, who were prepared at almost every turn. When the hospital board installed videos in the operating room, one that caught a disastrous fire, Dr. Bell and Lane were able to use that in order to rally the board to replace the CEO with an actual doctor as opposed to someone with the MBA.

In the process of Lane’s trouble, it was clear that some of the other younger doctors were on her side. After all, there was some attempts in which to steer patients away from Dr. Hunter.

The aftermath

Ultimately, it wasn’t good. Lane and Dr. Bell convinced the board to fire Claire Thorpe (is that it for Merrin Dungey on the show?), which means in turn that he is now running the ship at the hospital. His first order of business was firing Nic as a means of further protecting Lane and getting the biggest problem out from under them.

Of course, now there is another issue that is set to arise for them: Trying to figure out how to handle Conrad.

CarterMatt Verdict

As entertaining as The Resident episode 11 was overall, it was certainly also somewhat devastating in how, effectively, the good guys lost at almost every turn. We now have a situation where Nic no longer has any ability to fight for herself, Conrad has lost some allies, and the bad doctors now have more power than ever.

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