Unsung Hero Showdown: Ava Sharpe, Betty Cooper, Caitlin Snow, Hayley Marshall, Izzy Lightwood, Winn Schott close round 1

Unsung HeroesWho is the #1 Unsung Hero on TV? Throughout the month of April, CarterMatt is bringing to you an article series that is all about highlighting some of the characters and performances worthy of so much more credit than what they have received to date.

What we’re doing within this particular article is giving you an opportunity to let us know which character / performer you appreciate the most! Below, we’ve offered you up brief synopses of the six Unsung Heroes articles written so far alongside links to read the full version of why they have been nominated by our staff. At the bottom of this article, you can vote for your favorite.

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Ava Sharpe, Legends of Tomorrow – Jes Macallan is coming off of her first year on the CW series and within a very short period of time, we came to see her journey progress in some rather exciting, beautiful ways. She showed her strength, but she also showed her vulnerability. She opened herself up to others, fell in love, and showed that it’s okay to be insecure about who you are and still be a hero who saves the day. (Read full article.)

Betty Cooper, Riverdale – We very much love Betty’s resourcefulness, intelligence, and ability to figure out some of the toughest mysteries involving her friends and family. While she’s not perfect, she’s almost the show’s Nancy Drew at this point and can be counted on to often do the right thing for the sake of other people. (Read full article.)

Caitlin Snow, The Flash – She’s a brilliant doctor and a highly-intelligent young woman, but it’s what she does with these attributes that make her heroic. She never is afraid to put her all into helping someone else, and she’s also so determined that she’s willing to even try to make her villainous alter ego Killer Frost a better person … even if she cannot directly speak to her face-to-face. (Read full article.)

Hayley Marshall, The Originals – Hayley has been a constant for the series in terms of her relationship with Hope and the support that she’s given for others. To go along with that, she’s a powerful force who has managed to find her place within a complicate world of ancient supernatural begins. Phoebe Tonkin has been exemplary through every season and we’re hoping for more great things for her leading to the series finale. (Read full article.)

Izzy Lightwood, Shadowhunters – She’s tackled her demons and fought off many foes, but this weapons master at the Institute has shown herself time and time again to be so much more than just a badass. She’s also kind, considerate, and a valuable friend who will fight for you. She’s also open, accepting, and unafraid to put herself out there. (Read full article.)

Winn Schott, Supergirl – Given his tumultuous upbringing, it would’ve been rather easy for Winn to just throw his hands in the air and quit. Yet, he never did and that helps to exemplify all the more as to why this tech expert is one of the series’ best characters. He never gives up and instead, works tirelessly to make the world around him better. (Read full article.)

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