The Flash season 4: How Caitlin Snow conquers fear, adversity, and so much more

Caitlin Snow - Julian AlbertToday marks the final edition of CarterMatt’s Unsung Heroes article series (at least the features — more polls are on the way!) and we wanted to close things off by talking about one of the more fascinating, underrated heroes out there in Caitlin Snow. She is good-natured and kind-hearted — she loves her friends, she gives her all to her job, and she will stop at nothing to make Central City a better place.

Yet, what also adds to her depth is having to reconcile this part of herself with another part that, when properly triggered, is a cold-hearted villain. Killer Frost has the world “killer” in her name and that in itself says a lot. What Caitlin has tried to do to come to terms with this and right the ship with Killer Frost is more admirable than anything else she has done with the Flash. She has to put her best foot forward in hopes that Killer Frost will do the same; she’s worked tirelessly to feel within herself that the life that she has is worth so much more than the life she would have as a murderous villainess. She (coupled with the rest of the team) found a way to bring enough light to the Killer Frost character to keep her on the same side as The Flash and Vibe. That’s far from easy. Caitlin had even come up with a reasonable method of communication with her second self — or at least she did briefly, before the events of this past episode sapped Killer Frost away, at least temporarily.

In getting back to Caitlin as a character in her own right, her heroism doesn’t just shine through in the field. Much of it stands out through the journey she’s been on as a young woman in extraordinary circumstance. She’s an inspirational figure courtesy of her dream to become a doctor at a very young age. She succeeded despite some of the pressures put on her via her family life and the same sort of hurdles many viewers watching go through in pursuit of their own professional goals. Following that, she’s also found a way to stay strong after losing the love of her life in Ronnie. While it may not be touched on as much nowadays, losing Ronnie could have ultimately defined her. She’s a shining example of how to conquer adversary and continue to do what can be done to be the best version of herself.

Superpowers aside, Caitlin has plenty of power just in terms of her job alone. Without her work, it’d be hard for Barry to survive almost any occasion in which he’s gone out into the field. She understands treatment options and how to properly care for meta-humans in a way few others do. While Cisco is an expert of the technical side to being a meta-human, Caitlin excels in the personal side. Her positive spirit and care almost go in contrast to her frosty alter ego; without her, ironically, Team Flash could very well be frozen in place.

Danielle Panabaker is very much responsible for bringing so much life to Caitlin and evolving her over time from who she was in the pilot. She understands what Caitlin means to fans both in terms of her intelligence and her strength. She’s also has the ability to play two different versions of the same character, with each one of them being similar and yet different enough to stand out. She’ll probably continue to be underrated, but isn’t that what an unsung hero is all about?

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