Supergirl season 3: The intelligence and potential of Winn Schott

Winn SchottIn today’s edition of our ongoing Unsung Heroes article series at CarterMatt we’re putting the focus back on Supergirl — and, to be specific, a character in Winn Schott who is very much deserving of some attention.

We don’t know what better a definition there is for an unsung hero than a character like Winn, a guy without powers but with plenty of other positive attributes. He’s never going to be the strongest person in the room on this show; yet, that was never his role. He’s a character who brings strength in the form of his mind and creativity. While Supergirl may have an extreme list of powers, one of the things that we’ve seen time and time again is that these have limits. She can’t be everywhere at once and often does need help in problem-solving … or in keeping her alive. He can provide that by infiltrating computer systems, building tech, or even just being a different voice to the rest of the team.

Sometimes, being a hero is really all about offering a different perspective and allowing in a different voice — over the course of this series, we’ve seen Winn do that in spades. Despite his heartbreaking backstory of torment and abandonment, he remains one of the most positive voices in the DEO. He can break tension with humor and offering another outlet for finding a solution. He thinks differently and with a human element — there are so many superhuman characters out there at this point that Supergirl, J’onn, and the others need that.

Probably the most exciting thing of all for Winn, though, is that there is so much more that he can do. While he has certainly been very resistant to adhere to any part of the Toyman legacy established by his father, there are still some elements of it that could prove to be rather useful to him. He can adopt some of the technical knowhow and the skill without using those powers for evil. He’s a guy still working to figure himself out and there is a subtle beauty that comes with that.

The best thing about Winn, though, is how Jeremy Jordan does manage to inject a good bit of magic into just about everything that he does as the character. He makes him likable, relatable, heroic, and resilient in a way few other characters are. There is physical strength, and then there is the mental and emotional strength that Winn has used for the better part of his life. This is what makes him one of the most formidable characters of the show and why he could be left standing until the very last episode.

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