Supergirl season 3: On Chyler Leigh’s Alex Danvers, passion, and hope

Alex DanversIn today’s edition of our Unsung Heroes article feature here at CarterMatt, the lens is being placed on someone who is not the most conventional hero at the heart of Supergirl season 3. The focus this time is not on the woman wearing the red cape; instead, it’s her sister.

From the very beginning of the series Alex Danvers has served as an emotional center for Kara. She’s there when she needs her and she’s been there through almost every aspect of her training. She’s sacrificed her time and even her life to make sure that Kara can be her best. Anyone who has done what Alex has for Kara deserves commendation in their own right.

Yet, Alex is also so much more than just an emotional center. Think about the example that she has set for many viewers — you’re talking here about a woman who, despite what she gave up for her sister, still found a way to train and prepare herself to be a part of the DEO, a super-secret government organization that recruits only the best. She may not have powers but she doesn’t need them in order to save lives. She’s a smart, shrewd, and talented investigator who knows how to work with a team and how to get results.

There are so many examples of ways in which Alex has been a hero out in the field, whether it be putting her life on the line, communicating last-second instructions, or figuring out the right tactics to take out an opponent. She understands that sometimes, physicality is not the only way to win a battle.

Many facets of passion

Obviously, the passionate way in which Alex goes about her career and supports her sister are enough to make her an unsung hero; then, add to that the journey that she has been on when it comes to her personal life. Her relationship with Maggie was an opportunity for her to explore something more romantic for the first time and develop something special just for herself. Doing things for others is incredibly important, but hopefully this story taught viewers that at the same time, striving for self-happiness and understanding is equally important. This relationship meant so much to viewers all over the world that we’re not sure that it can even be stated enough. Chyler Leigh played Alex’s scenes with Maggie fantastically, displaying a romantic side while also still keeping the grit and determination that we’ve come to know and love about this character.

Alex is of course a hero in the field and a hero to her sister, but through this story she became a hero to so many people also working to find themselves and be comfortable in their own skin. She taught fans that it’s okay to go after what you want. The best part is that her journey is far from over both professionally and romantically. There is so much more territory to explore and whether it be through pain or through hope, there is something more for her on the other side of the horizon — just as there is for all of us. Alex’s story is a beautiful one, and it is one that we all have a chance to explore and relate to as we go about our own journey in  life.

Special thanks to Leigh on helping to bring such a beautiful character to life and to the writers for creating such a relatable and inspiring character with so many different facets. Easily, this makes the remainder of season 3 all the more exciting to behold.

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