Supergirl season 3 episode 14 extended trailer brings you even more pain

Supergirl season 3 episode 14Supergirl season 3 episode 14 is coming onto The CW on Monday, April 16 and based on the latest extended trailer, things are going to get super creepy for Kara and everyone else at the DEO within this hour.

One of the reasons why this trailer is so effective is that it really takes its time setting up the strange, creepy crisis at the heart of this hour — one that begins with the arrival of Winn Schott’s mother. She is a woman who comes on board with professions to try and build a relationship with him, arguing in turn that the only reason why she hasn’t been around over the years is because of his father. He is apparently dead and now, she is free. Being that he’s been without this sort of parental love, it does make some sense for Winn to try to embrace it if he can.

Unfortunately, there are some reasons to suspect that Mary is not what she seems, starting with the creepy way in which she talks in this preview and also the fact that she at one point loved the character we otherwise know as the Toyman. Maybe she didn’t like what he became but there could still be a part of her that ultimately relates to it and understands it. We just don’t know what he was like at the time in which they first met, and even a young version of Winn wouldn’t understand it.

Let’s move now to the end of the preview. The scene of Supergirl, seemingly trapped, at the end of the video suggests that someone is still torturing the team. Either the Toyman has found a way to do so beyond the grave or this is someone else (maybe Mary) taking on the title and doing some terrible things themselves. Within this world, we happen to think that either scenario is possible.

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Beyond just the darkness…

There will at least be some essence of lightness and fun, given that this episode is going to feature some fun moments including a round of karaoke with Winn and Mary — this is their relationship at its most pure and, to go along with that, it’s Supergirl finding a way to utilize the musical talents once more of some of their cast. Given that we’ve got a show that features at the moment Melissa Benoist, Jeremy Jordan, Chyler Leigh, and more, doesn’t it make sense to implement them as best you can? Sure, we recognize that nobody is going to be running around, fighting crime with a song in their heart — you have to find a few other ways in which to get creative instead.

What is it that you are hoping to see on Supergirl season 3 episode 14, and is there a reason to be excited for Mary’s arrival beyond the excellent Laurie Metcalf in the role? Share right now in the attached comments!

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