Why Legends of Tomorrow season 3 shined brighter thanks to Ava Sharpe

Ava SharpeAt the start of Legends of Tomorrow season 3, it was hard to tell precisely what was going to happen with the character of Ava Sharpe. We knew that we loved Jes Macallan from her work on Mistresses but with the CW series having a rather-large cast as it is, it was not altogether clear if there was going to be a chance to see her shine or understand more of who she was.

Yet, the more that we saw from Ava, the more excellent the character became and, in turn, the clearer it was that she would be a perfect addition to our CarterMatt Unsung Heroes article series. She has helped to make season 3 as excellent as it is, especially when we started to get a sense of her humanity and her inner struggle.

At first glance, you may have looked at Ava and the Time Bureau as adversarial to the Legends and that’s understandable. She, Rip Hunter, and the rest of the team didn’t believe that the Waverider crew had the capacity to fix time. Yet, what made Ava stand out was that as the season went along, she proved malleable. She understood that things within the world of time travel were not necessarily binary and there were multiple ways to achieve the same solution. She was smart, resourceful, and also daring. She was also steadfast enough in her beliefs that she would stand up and fight when the situation called for it. All of these are admirable traits.

Then, of course there’s also the fantastic relationship she formed with Sara. It was loving and supportive, but it was also nice that there was a push and pull. The best relationships on TV are the ones where the characters exist both together and apart and don’t change simply for the sake of someone else. Ava with Sara was still the same character as Ava before Sara and that sends a great message. The relationship itself also does when we are still in need of more LGBTQ representation on television. These are two individuals who are finding a way to break down barriers with each other; they’re not used to showing their soul to someone else and this relationship allows them to do that. There are conflicts, but they can find a way to work through them.

Whether it be through Avalance or on her own, Ava encourages strength, power, independence, and then also vulnerability and reflection. It’s okay to question yourself and it’s okay to be scared and rely on the support of others. She certainly did that through “I, Ava” and then the end of the season. We do hope that season 4 continues this trajectory and allows Macallan the ability to transition beautifully between the more personal material and also scenes that showcase the character’s toughness in the field.

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