The Resident episode 7 review: Nic, Conrad take on predatory patient

Resident episode 1It’s hard to say precisely if The Resident episode 7 was written before or after the start of the Me Too movement but one thing felt fairly clear within the first half hour: This was the most relevant episode of the entire season to date.

The issue of harassment first began when Nic started to treat Bobby Singer, a high-profile baseball player within the hospital’s VIP wing. He got her phone number, but then after that took it upon himself to send her a picture of … well, let’s just say it was of a certain part of his anatomy. This put her in a precarious position; she said that she would take care of it, but of course Conrad is Conrad and he often doesn’t listen to what other people want. Therefore, he took it upon himself to confront Singer — and, in turn, may have accelerated his condition due to him getting angry.

The longer the episode went, the more it was clear that Bobby was in trouble — it just so turned out that he would miss a substantial amount of playing time and with that, someone was going to have to break the bad news to him. Devon eventually went to break the news, and then after that Nic confronted him about it, saying that if he did it again she would blast it to every gossip website on the planet. He apologized, and that appeared to be it … at least for the time being.

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Dr. Bell’s problem

He’s made a habit of throwing some of his residents under the bus but, over the course of tonight’s episode, he learned some rather unfortunate news: He would have to figure out a way to do a high-profile operation without his residents around. Basically, that means that of things go wrong he cannot blame Dr. Okafor or anyone else again.

The evidence mounts against Lane Hunter

Devon spent most of the episode compiling some evidence about her improper practices and beyond just that, he’s got some powerful people on his side in order to help. Meanwhile, Conrad also took away one of her patients when he realized that her treatments were barely going to prolong his life, and cost his family a lot of money in the process.

After everything they went through tonight, The Resident concluded with a nice moment between Conrad and Nic — to go along with that, Conrad realized that he was ready to take on Lane along with Nic and Devon.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Resident tonight proved to be timely as it took on present-day issues with power; beyond that, though, there was also a number of fantastic character moments as Conrad started to go more head to head with Lane and some of her methods.

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