The Resident episode 3 review: The hospital gets topical

Resident episode 3Very early on during The Resident episode 3, one of the things we quickly learned was that Conrad was more than comfortable acting in the field — he had to after an accident at a bike race.. The fact that he previously served in the military was a big asset for that.

After heading back to the hospital (with their patient, who was clearly still having trouble and apparently was drinking before the bike race) he, Nic, and the rest of the hospital staff quickly realized that there was a mandatory meeting that they had to attend — basically, a reminder that hospitals are businesses first and means to care about patients later.

While this was pretty awful for the hospital staff at first, on the other side of this Nic did find a way to get some revenge. Let’s just say that there’s something that these money-pushers just aren’t exceptional at: Reading charts and stopping lawsuits before they happen.

A case turns topical

We’ve seen many cases over the years on the subject of doctors trying to help the uninsured. Yet, the case of Luisa Rodriguez, a transport worker at the hospital, took a turn when it was determined that her problem wasn’t just that she had no insurance; instead, it was that she was undocumented.

Trying to find some measure of support for a patient in this position was far from easy. For starters, there was the problem of trying to find the proper funding for her. Foundations weren’t interested in the case because of her immigration status, and to go beyond that someone decided to call ICE midway through Conrad’s attempts to try and help her.

Ultimately, what we ended up seeing was a race against time. Many of the doctors within the hospital decided to do what they could to shield Luisa from ICE long enough so that she could get the life-saving surgery that she needed.

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Basically, the case of Luisa was a victory … but only a minor one. The money that went into saving her has to come from somewhere, and what it means is that we’re probably going to see Connor have very little help with a limited staff in the near future.

Not only that,

Can Dr. Bell stop the tremors?

During this episode we saw yet another reminder that he was desperate to do anything that he could in order to make them go away. There are moments with this show that make us feel for this character; yet, there are also others where we do still think of him as a colossal jerk. At least tonight, some of the jerk part of his personality was reasonably at bay.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Resident episode 3 was another reminder that this is an above-average medical drama with some interesting characters and moral debates. It hasn’t reached the level yet where it is necessary viewing, but if it continues at the pace it is currently on there’s a chance that we could see it at this point in the future.

The only long-term story that was addressed in this episode was that, apparently, there’s going to be a competition-of-sorts brewing for Nic.

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