Outlander season 3 episode 11: How to prepare for ‘Uncharted’

Outlander season 3 episode 11 photosOutlander season 3 episode 11 is airing on Starz this weekend, and all signs point towards “Uncharted” being an integral hour of the show. This is the episode that could get you from point A (Claire being taken by the crew of the Porpoise) to point B (Claire and Jamie reuniting).

Before we get to that reunion though, we do have the story of how Claire makes it back and some of the accompanying drama that goes with that.

How does Claire convince complete strangers to help her? Does she? We know that when she wakes up in this episode will be under the care of some people who are not altogether familiar with her. This is a completely different environment for her — it’s uncharted waters, and she will largely have to rely on her social skills and her friendliness to survive. This could be one of the biggest tests to date for Caitriona Balfe’s character because of everything working against her — her location, Jamie’s destination, and the people who are destined to meet him there and arrest him. You can see in some of the photos for Outlander season 3 episode 11 that Claire will meet some of the island’s residents, and not all of them are going to be anywhere near what you would expect.

As for the Jamie story, we know that he is going to do his best to keep the crew of the Artemis’ spirits up as they get closer to Jamaica. Is there some irony there, especially since these are the people who previously had him locked up? Absolutely, but Jamie’s the sort of guy who will keep his eye towards the light at the end of the tunnel — Claire. He needs some of these crew members in order to make it there so it behooves him to be encouraging.

So where are we eventually going? The Governor’s Ball storyline is one that’s been detailed a little bit already, and it’s there that you will have a chance to experience Outlander in a way that you really haven’t since the second season of the show. There should be some incredible excitement that goes along with that — after all, it’s pretty much confirmed that you will see Jamie and Claire back together at that point. There are of course some questions about another familiar character that should come up around that time, someone who many thought would be aboard the Porpoise heading to Jamaica. We won’t spoil anything for show viewers, but we wonder how the Outlander writers are going to find a way to address this character since they’ve made a major deviation from the book with him.

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