ABC’s Scandal’ season 3: Bellamy Young speaks out on Mellie, Fitz’s bond

Mellie -To us, “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” was one of the best episodes of “Scandal” this season, and it managed to shine despite not really even having Olivia Pope front and center for most of the story. Instead, the focus was planted more on Mellie, and how she has went through far more devastating things than any other character on the show, save for Fitz’s dad, realizes. She was not only raped by the man, but it is theoretically possible that her son Jerry could be his and not the President’s.

While of course Bellamy Young had to be cagey on the future of some of these stories in a post-show interview this weekend to The Hollywood Reporter, she was a little more open to share some of what the relationship between Mellie and Fitz actually is. Specifically, she went into detail about how there is still a certain kind of love there, even if it is not the kind of passion and romance that we see between him and Olivia:

“In any relationship that long, there’s certainly softness. It’s underneath scar tissue — there’s still living, vital tissue but it’s hidden. I feel that way about Fitz and Mellie. They have these moments of softness, and there have been glimpses of what used to be. They definitely enjoy each other, but you’re meeting them at the worst time in their lives, which is ironic but that’s how life is: You’re in the White House, you get your dream and it’s misery and hardship. But for sure, she still adores him and he still respects her.”

What we would say to anyone out there who is anxious about the future of some of these stories is pretty simple: “Scandal” is not the sort of show that is going to leave a stone unturned. If there is something more to reveal, you are going to find out about it before too long. So expect to see something related to the Mellie shockers on the series again soon, in addition to finding out more about Olivia’s mother, who she is alive, and what she could try to do in order to see her daughter.

You can preview next week’s episode here, and it may at least give you some idea of what you can expect.

Photo: ABC

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