Sugar season 1 episode 5: John Sugar’s secret…

Sugar season 1
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It was easy to anticipate that Sugar season 1 episode 5 was going to contain some sort of big reveal — or, at least the tease of one.

Is it abundantly clear at this point that something is coming behind the scenes for the Apple TV+ series? That appears to be the case, and for a number of different reasons. Colin Farrell’s character has himself alluded to a rather mysterious past at various points of the show’s run, and at the end of this week’s episode, he also indicated to Melanie that he has a secret … but he won’t tell her what it is.

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There are about a million different theories out there as to what is really going on here with Sugar, so trying to have a clear answer is complicated. Instead, we do think there are some pieces of evidence we can look at.

For starters, consider the injections that we’ve seen Sugar take throughout the season; plus, some of the visions that he’s had throughout. It feels clear at this point that he and Ruby are working for someone as a part of a secret operation, and that they are there on some level to “observe” and not get altogether involved. That is what makes this case with Olivia so complicated — it is Sugar’s natural tendency here to want to help, but is that a bad thing? Well, it only seems to be to the higher-ups.

One other question you have to wonder is this — whatever Sugar is wrapped up in, is it tied on some level to his sister? That is a significant part of his backstory, and something that remains relatively unexplained among a mountain of other mysteries.

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