Mary & George episode 5 spoilers: ‘The Golden City’

Mary & George
Photo: Starz

As you get yourselves prepared to see Mary & George episode 5 over on Starz next week, what can we say about the story?

Well, let’s just say that “The Golden City” is an opportunity to see a major wrench be thrown into the title characters’ plans. For most of the series so far, it feels like much of the central narrative has been all about influence and control. That has been a huge, central part in a lot of these characters’ efforts. With that being said, though, this is something that other people want, as well! They are not the only people with an agenda when it comes to King James — and that is where Sir Walter Raleigh enters the picture. If you are watching these show for messy politics and complicated relationships, it feels like this is an installment that is going to bring you some of that and then some.

Below, you can check out the full Mary & George episode 5 synopsis with more news on what lies ahead:

A political crisis triggered by the return of the legendary and infamous Sir Walter Raleigh drives a wedge between Mary, George and King James.

If you did not know yet for whatever reason, remember now that there are only two episodes remaining the rest of the season. By virtue of that, you have to be prepared for some pretty significant things to hit the fan moving forward. Expect some shocking turns and, of course, some great performances. This is the sort of story that you should want to hope will leave you talking and/or recommending it to other people. After all, crafting great historical dramas is one of the things that Starz has done best over the years. Why think that this is going to change now?

What are you the most excited to see moving into Mary & George episode 5 when it arrives at Starz?

Do you have any predictions for how things will play out with Sir Walter Raleigh around? Share right now in the comments! After you do just that, come back — there are some other updates ahead.

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