ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 7 preview: Teasers for Nathan Fillion, Molly Quinn story

Alexis -Monday night’s “Castle” is entitled “Like Father, Like Daughter,” and it does more beyond just questioning whether or not a murder case is quite as it seems; it also addresses whether or not Castle and Alexis can repair their relationship after suffering some pretty significant setbacks over the course of the past episode or two. Castle doesn’t like Pi, and has gone as far at times as vigorously mocking him in the process.

If you have wished to see more Molly Quinn, this is going to be your episode. While we’re saving our full review until after the episode airs tonight, we will say that this is one of the best episodes of the season, and one that has to be considered a must-watch if you have been a fan of the show over the past few years. It delivers an excellent mystery, some great performances, and feels different than any other that we have seen so far this season.

Now, let’s get into our weekly tradition of presenting six teasers that you can expect to see tonight.

1. If you hate Pi, don’t worry; the man does not make an appearance during the episode. The story is much more about Alexis.

2. Alexis goes to her dad with a request to help in the case of a man who has been put to death, and she feels it is for a crime that he did not commit.

3. Nathan Fillion’s character is very much out of his element throughout being surrounded with different people, since the murder did not take place in New York City.

4. Ryan, Esposito, and Lanie all find unique ways to get involved in trying to solve this case, even from afar.

5. Even though Castle gets some much-needed daughter time here following their extensive fight, he did need to put off something wedding-related with Beckett in order to do it.

6. Speaking of Beckett, what makes this story particularly interesting is that she starts to ask the questions as to how she fits in to Alexis’ world, and whether or not she will always be considered an outsider or just another woman that Castle has dated.

You can also check out a sneak peek below, just in case you want to watch a little something from this episode. For more on the story ahead, be sure to click here! We’ll have more soon.

Photo: ABC

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