‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 9 spoilers: Charlie Hunnam and CCH Pounder’s showdown

The latest -When you consider the amount of time that many characters on “Sons of Anarchy” often spend in the perimeter of each other rather than face to face, there is a certain amount of weight added to the occasions where they do actually look one another in the eye. We are going to see this very thing happen on Tuesday night’s episode “John 8:32,” as Patterson and Jax Teller can stop worrying about each other, and start talking to each other.

But if you are wondering whether this will end in a handshake agreement, the simple answer here is that it won’t given that this isn’t the finale (there are four episodes left after this one), and Patterson is on a head-hunt right now to pin someone as responsible for the killings at the school. SAMCRO is as good of a place to start as anywhere else. She knows that Lee Toric was ineffective, and she also sees through most of what Nero is trying to do behind bars. She is taking the battle to basically the heart of the dragon.

But what will Jax’s own emotional state be in this episode? That is an interesting question to answer, but you would almost think that it would be even worse than it is given what happened between Tara and Gemma, and also how his former clubhouse is now a dust heap. Charlie Hunnam’s character, just like CCH Pounder’s in her own way, just continues to persevere and push forward. Unlike Tara, he’s far too deep in at this point to even consider pulling himself out completely, even if he is still trying to get the MC out of the arms trade.

It feels like with every “Sons of Anarchy” episode you have to ask if someone will die or if someone is going to end up in prison by the end of the episode, and that feels almost more true with this one than any other.If John 8:32 is all about the truth setting you free (as we note in our video preview for this episode), then whose truth is going to be unveiled? There are so many secrets that it extends far beyond Jax, and even his club members have their own secrets that they have not shared with their leader.

We’ll have some more scoop over the weekend about this episode; but for now, feel free to share some of your theories regarding “John 8:32” in the comment box below.

Photo: FX

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