‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: JoAnna Garcia on playing Ariel, major mermaid twist

The latest -Is Ariel going to play a big role on Sunday’s “Once Upon a Time” episode? It surely seems like it. Not only that, but we’ve also learned now that this Little Mermaid could actually be the connection between Storybrooke and Neverland as it is presently constructed.

Speaking to TVLine, JoAnna Garcia Swisher drops quite the impressive hint when she said that mermaids “can travel between worlds,” which means that she has an opportunity to interact with all sorts of characters on a pretty regular basis. (As for the whole issue of walking on land, that may be a different story.) She has already confirmed that she does film both with Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) and Emilie de Ravin (Belle), and that alone suggests that she could be doing some traveling. While it’s not confirmed by any means that Ariel will be heading to the tiny Maine town stuffed full of magic and fairytale characters that seems to be the most likely scenario to bridge the two worlds.

Garcia also was kind enough in the interview to dish on another important subject, and that is where we pick up with Ariel in the flashbacks that are spread throughout the episode:

“[She has already met Prince Eric] – so she’s pining, plotting to figure out a way to see him again. She has met him and she is madly in love. It’s incredibly romantic. I save Snow White’s life, so to return the favor, Snow teaches me how to be a princess. And she also urges me to be myself and tell him the truth and follow my heart and all those incredibly romantic Snow White notions.”

Regina will be around as the villain of her story in Ursula, and there will of course be some twists and turns there that you would expect to come from this show. Not everything, after all, is going to be exactly like it was during the Disney movie (though you can at least expect a nod to at least one of the animals featured prominently in that adaptation).

You an see even more Ariel in the promo here, and this is the episode that we’re beyond excited for almost above all others just based on the character’s pop-culture prestige alone (we are also huge fans and have seen the Disney film more times then we can count). Stay tuned for more soon!

Photo: ABC

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