‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10, episode 7 preview: Meredith and Cristina’s Halloween hoopla

More news -Are Meredith and Cristina going to celebrate Halloween together on “Grey’s Anatomy”? It’s looking more and more like they may need to buy some candy for themselves. Tomorrow night’s holiday-themed episode entitled “Thriller” is going to contain its fair share of holiday hijinks in honor of Halloween, but what may be particularly depressing for fans of these longtime friends is that they are facing quite the bumpy road ahead.

As for what the biggest problem facing the two of them is right now is a classic case of miscommunication and in some ways over-correcting for a situation. Cristina has made it clear time and time again that she’s not too interested in having children, and it’s therefore pretty easy to read from this that she may not be too big a fan of children themselves. Therefore, Meredith doesn’t make too much effort to invite her to a Halloween bash that she is putting on with Alex.

Unfortunately, the problem there comes in that Cristina still sounds hurt in the sneak peek below that she didn’t at least get an invite, and now has to be in that total “act cool” mode where she doesn’t act like her feelings are hurt too badly by not being included. What the show is setting up possibly here is a reason for Cristina to leave, but also some reality that when you have children, it can be a blessing. At the same time, though, it can be hard to maintain the other part of your life, and weird situations arise when you have people who are in different phases of life than you and have different priorities. We think that these two are going to be BFFs for life, but they actually have to have some of the conversations first that they have been avoiding. Where they stand now with kids in play is one of them.

What’s your take on the sneak peek, and how do you imagine Meredith and Cristina working this out? Share your thoughts in the comment box, and click here if you’re curious in seeing another video that features zombies. Yes, you read that right; if nothing else, they are at least people pretending to be zombies.

Photo: ABC

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