‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3: Top five storylines that need some help

Is Hart of Dixie bringing the drama this season? -This season of “Hart of Dixie” has had a lot of fun elements to it, like Lemon and Wade’s fake relationship, Lemon and Meatball’s secret love affair and Lemon quitting the Belles and staging a resistance against them. To be honest Lemon is really the only one with the good storylines this time around and with her being pregnant at the time of filming we know that the focus on Lemon storylines is going to be less and less moving into the season.

Outside of Lemon, there hasn’t been a lot that we’ve been really excited about, which brings us to the focus of this article. What are the top five storylines that we want to see end immediately if not sooner. What we’ve loved about this show is all of the silly fun romantic plots and we haven’t had much of that… at least not with anyone we give a damn about.

5. Lynly: We are not sold on this character at this point and by now we really should be. She went from being this annoying little pest (that we actually enjoyed watching since she brought something new and refreshing) to this pathetic character that is desperate for attention from a man. This character had a lot of potential and she is quickly losing steam.

4. Lavon and AnnaBeth: It’s nice that these two are still going strong and we have no problem with them as a couple, but we thought that Lynly coming to stay with Lavon was going to cause a little more stress for them then for just one episode. We don’t want them to break up by any means, but give them something to do.

3. George and Lynly: This storyline is just bizarre. George has gone from being engaged in the first season to a relationship with Wade’s ex-wife in the last season to a guy who is just taking home random women for a night in paradise? It’s like every season his standards are just lowered and lowered making him a bit more difficult to root for.

2. Wade making nice with Joel: Almost every fan wants to see Wade and Zoe get back together, (even though she doesn’t really deserve him at this point after he spilled his heart out to her and she abandoned him without explanation) so watching Wade and Joel become buddies is a little weird. Not only that but in last night’s episode (which you can read here if you missed it) we actually saw Wade stick up for Joel to Zoe. Really? No one wants to see that.

1. Zoe and Joel: This is obviously the storyline that everyone hates. As nice of a guy as Joel is, there is honestly absolutely no chemistry between him and Zoe. It’s totally bland and we are not just saying this because we want to see Zoe back in the love triangle with Wade and George (which we do). These two feel more like brother and sister and whenever she says “I love you” or they kiss we cringe. Zoe and Joel are not end game and he will likely be sent back to New York before the season is over, but we are over this relationship.

What we really want is to see is the series shift back to be more about Zoe as a person then her relationship with Joel. She is the heart of the show and so far she has felt like a supporting character behind everyone else. She really needs to be given something to do outside of her relationship with Joel.

What do you think? Are you enjoying any of the storylines we mentioned above that we aren’t fans of? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think of “Hart of Dixie” season 3 and click here for more scoop from the show.

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