ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 5 spoilers: What to expect from Joshua Gomez, ‘Time Will Tell’

How is it? -Tonight on “Castle” season 6, we’re going to have an episode that from start to finish, has to be our favorite idea of the entire year. While we’ll save all of the major plot points for our review tonight, but let’s just say that it combines most of what any fan of the show would want: A great mystery, a memorable guest star in Joshua Gomez, and a chance for Castle to go completely batty when it comes to crazy conspiracy theories.

In “Time Will Tell,” the former “Chuck” star appears as a man claiming to be from the future, who needs to take part in a course of events that saves the lives of “billions.” He is treated originally as a murder suspect, but of course, there is much more going on here than initially meets the eye. Also, there is going to be at least one instance where Castle tries to buy completely in to some of the crazy theories introduced by our guest star, which adds to the incredible amount of eye-roll moments from Beckett. As a matter of fact, we’re surprised by the end of this that her eyes just didn’t roll back into her brain like a scene from “American Horror Story” after how much eye-rolling she’s had to do.

Now, take a look below at some of the teasers.

1. Gomez is fantastic in the episode, and was a perfect cast for the role. There’s a little bit of humor for sure, but it’s also the amount of conviction that he brings to it that makes him something more than just Morgan Grimes, and a character to at least be taken somewhat seriously. We’d love to even see him back at some point, even if he finishes this episode in jail. (If he dies, make him involved in a flashback!)

2. There may be a couple of instances in here where you find out what the future is for some of our characters … at least according to this character.

3. For the second straight week, Castle’s hilarious “WRITER” vest returns!

4. The Alexis story this week is going to be important, and there will finally be some scenes of Castle and just his daughter after Pi has gotten in the way most of the time. It’s already been spoiled in a future episode that she and Pi are getting their own place, so much of this episode deals with how that decision is made.

5. At least at one point during this episode, the show may make you want to believe that time-travel actually happening, and we love how the show embraces it rather than really mocking someone who is obviously just crazy.

If you want to read some more news that could involve the future of Castle and Beckett in a surprising way, click here. Our full review for this episode will come online tonight after the episode airs.

Photo: ABC

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