‘Big Brother Canada’ season 2: First impression of Toronto auditions, teases of what’s to come

The latest -Earlier today, we had the opportunity to head down to Downtown Toronto in order to check out what will hopefully be the very beginning of an exciting new season of “Big Brother Canada“: The audition phase. There were hundreds upon hundreds of people in attendance, whether you are talking about superfans, casual viewers, or people who just want to be famous. Most of the contestants inside the audition room today were excited and enthusiastic, whereas some of the others outside (at least from our sample size) seemed to be struggling with the weather and the long wait that comes with all reality TV auditions. Based on the crowd that we saw, thousands will probably come through over the course of the day.

What we want to do with this piece is largely set the stage for what we’re going to have over the next few weeks: We spoke to five of the season 1 houseguests in attendance (Gary Levy, Liza Stinton, Kat Yee, Aneal Ramkissoon, and AJ Burman), as well as some of the executive producers in charge of bringing the show to you that you’ve come to know and love. While we’ll have full transcripts of these interviews soon, here are a few things to look forward to:

1. Some teases on how season 2 is going to try and up the ante from season 1, and create more shocking twists that make for great television.

2. How the casting process this year is looking for a new, diverse group of people, and not carbon copies of Glitter Gary or anyone else.

3. How the Canadian public will continue to be involved in the process of the show.

4. What some of the houseguests have been up to since season 1, and what sort of show they want to see this time around.

5. Some of the more stressful moments that took place during season 1, including the real-time events that unfolded after Topaz accidentally cast her vote for Jillian in the finale. (We provided our on-the-scene report of the night here.)

6. Something new that producers claim has never been done on any other version of the show. These are people that have taken the time to really ponder over the changes that they want to make, and while they would not spoil too much, we imagine that you are going to be pretty excited over it.

New stories will come every Monday afternoon, so bookmark the page here and check back for updates. Since the interviews with the producers are the juiciest, we will start with one of those this coming week.

Photo: Slice

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