‘Once Upon a Time’ quick-takes: Meghan Ory’s ‘Intelligence’ ailment; Marilyn Manson joins

What's next? -With this turning out to be quite the busy week when it comes to “Once Upon a Time” scoop, we thought it best to give you a couple of little highlights related to the ABC show in one article rather than break it up into two separate stories.

We begin here with what is interesting news, since it means that Meghan Ory could be booked up more with her new show than originally planned (which could in turn make it even harder for her to appear as Red this season). According to Deadline, Ory has suffered a strong case of appendicitis, which is keeping her off of the set of “Intelligence” until Monday. The show will resume filming then. Ory is one of the leads on the show this season, and she moved on from “Once Upon a Time” after discussing the opportunity with producers and seeing her screen time decrease. She is still interested in returning and the two shows do both film in Vancouver, but for the time being, there is nothing planned for Red to return to Storybrooke.

As for some more news related to “Once Upon a Time”, remember that shadow that’s been seeing capturing children and taking them to Neverland? Well, executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have cast the creepiest person imaginable to play the part. According to Rolling Stone, Marilyn Manson is going to voice the character, which is not the first time that they have dived into the world of music to get a distinctive voice. “The Who’s” Roger Daltrey previously voiced the famous Caterpillar in Wonderland back in season 1. There is a famous actor in John Lithgow also making his presence felt on “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” where he voices the White Rabbit.

This casting news still has us excited more than almost anything else that we’ve heard when it comes to this show. While we’re not the biggest Manson fans out there, the truth is that we appreciate it when shows think outside of the box and take risks. For a series like this that is geared so much towards families, we find it pretty cool that they have taken two pretty big risks over the past week when you also remember that Mulan story.

Want to take a look at Sunday’s “Once Upon a Time” episode? Then just click here, where you can see a sneak peek of what to expect.

Photo: ABC

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