NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5: Why did Donald Glover leave? He explains that (and more)

What's next? -Donald Glover over the years has become increasingly quiet about his role on “Community.” Despite the show in many ways being the reason that he eventually propelled to stardom (coupled with his rap career), he stopped doing a good bit of press back in season 2, hasn’t been to Comic-Con or other events with the show for years, and of course the big news came when it was confirmed this fall that he was leaving after the first five episodes.

So why did he say goodbye? The early and understandable suspicion was that he was interested in furthering his Childish Gambino career, given that it is much of what he has talked about on social media. However, a series of new photos on Instagram today  (which you can see below in their entirety) reveal that really, he left the show simply to do his own thing, which includes at the moment developing a new series for FX that is focused somewhat on Atlanta, a city that he called home for much of his early life.

There are a number of surprising other muses in here, including his fear of disappointment, that “Community” creator Dan Harmon “hates” him, that he won’t grow up from “bro rape” (a sketch that he was a part of in college), and that women and people of his own race are not fond of him. All of this was written on a Residence Inn stationary of all things, which means that Mariott is getting some of the best free publicity that they’ve had in years. (Apparently, this is the go-to place where you let it all out.)

We feel in some ways for Donald, who is clearly a talented guy who doesn’t always know how to get all of the thoughts in his brain out. He’s at least leaving the show on better terms than Chevy Chase, and he’s going out by taking a risk. This could be the best move he ever made, or a complete disaster. We’ll find out in the months ahead whether or not his show is picked up, and then it will just be a question of seeing where we go from there.

What do you think about Glover’s remarks: Are they completely over-the-top, emotional, thoughtful, or something else to you? Regardless, we want to hear what you think below! Meanwhile, click here if you’re interested in finding out some more casting news for the rest of this upcoming “Community” season.

Photo: NBC

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