‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: How Red John makes Patrick Jane panic

The latest -At the start of “The Mentalist” season 6, we saw a pretty calm and composed version of Patrick Jane as we started to near the home stretch of the Red John case, with at least one clear exception: He was starting to become paranoid already when it comes to how much people were starting to find out about the villain. His reasoning for that was somewhat simple: The more people know, and the more panic that we are going to see for the character.

So with Sunday night’s new episode, you cannot imagine that Jane is going to handle it pretty well when he sees just what Red John has done to his partner Lisbon. Is he going to freak out? While that may be somewhat of an understatement, TVLine reports that he is going to rush over to Lisbon’s location, and it is not going to take very long for him to figure out just what has happened. From this point on, the show is going to really spiral into insanity in all of the best ways possible.

While it is still unclear whether or not the show is going to become completely serialized as we reach the conclusion of this case (which has been a whopping six years in the making), we do expect that we are going to at least have some sort of continuation of this story week to week until it is solved. So the best way to look at it? “The Mentalist” will at least be acting more serialized, and we have to hope that Lisbon is going to pull through so that she will be able to play a role in the endgame.

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Photo: CBS

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