‘The X Factor’ USA: Demi Lovato defends Miley Cyrus, more in interview promoting ‘Glee’

One late look -Want some more evidence that Demi Lovato is one of the busiest women in Hollywood these days? She is a judge on “The X Factor,” a guest star on “Glee” for the time being, and she also does a variety of other promotional tours in order to make sure that she meets all of her duties.

Of course, this means having to be asked a lot of the same questions time and time again, and then finding some more ways in which to explain them gracefully. In a new TV interview for a Denver affiliate, for example (which you can see below), she stands up for one of her fellow Disney Channel alumni in Miley Cyrus, who has come under fire all across the country for some racy antics in between the VMAs and her album “Bangerz”:

“I’ve said this a million times … I know [Miley really] well, Miley has been one of my best friends growing up, and I’m happy for her. She’s doing what she wants to do, and this is her time to break out and figure out what she wants to do in her career, [with] her image and everything.

“I’m happy seeing her happy, because I love her so much … [Also], she doesn’t care what people think, nor should she.”

Ultimately, what we take from this is pretty simple: Demi is a good friend to have, in that she’ll stand up for you even when most of the country is being critical. Also worth noting here? She is still sporting that blue hair that could be for “Glee,” some other unknown gig or just because she felt like changing it up.

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Photo: Fox

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