‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Jensen Ackles on fallen angels, Sam and Dean’s relationship

Take a look -Jensen Ackles has been through quite a bit during his time on “Supernatural.” He’s seen the best, and he’s seen the worst.  Last season, he clearly went through one of the hardest times out of anyone on the show as he ended up having to work together with Dean to ensure that he would stay alive, even if that meant not accomplishing their mission of closing the gates of hell together. Clearly, sometimes you do need to do difficult things in order to protect the people that you love.

But what did Jensen Ackles have to say about going through all of this with Jared Padalecki and their characters on the show? In the new video below via The CW, you can hear some of the following comments:

“The brothers are back on each others’ good side. They are obviously stronger together than they are apart; they chose each other over closing the gates of hell, and I think that sends us into season 9 with a sense of solidarity between the two of them. The relationship between the brothers is really the thing that keeps the ball rolling … That’s going to be the crux of everything that goes on.”

When it comes to season 9 with the falling of the angels, Jensen claims that “there’s no book, there’s no journal that tells them how to deal with something like this.” Therefore, you are going to be seeing a much more resourceful side to the Winchester Brothers this year, where they have to be creative to figure out what they are going to do to handle this situation.

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Photo: The CW

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