‘Hell on Wheels’ season 3 finale spoilers: Another look at ‘Get Behind the Mule’

What's next? -Hell on Wheels” has been at times a runaway train of its own this season, as there have been numerous forces all battling each other, and preparing for what is going to be a pretty insane way to say goodbye for at least the time being … if not longer than that.

So what will the finale contain? While the sneak peek we shared with you over the weekend should provide you with a certain sense of an idea, a dramatic scene involving Bohannon’s fate being left up to a particularly frightening man with gray hair is not the only notable thing about this episode.

For one, there are going to be others willing to fight for his survival. Elam already promised that he was going to get the railroad to Cheyenne before going back to save Cullen, and while it is unclear if he kept that promise, there is surely quite a bit of fighting to be had. Expect many battles (especially on horseback) to occur, and it will all be leading to a showdown like no other where more than just control on the railroad will be at stake.

As for the future for the show beyond Saturday, it is clear that there is a larger story here left to tell; however, AMC will have a hard decision to make when it comes to this one. Let’s just hope that the executives are able to pull themselves out of the “Breaking Bad” haze, realize that those ratings are not going to be a reality for most of their other non-“Breaking Bad” series, and get themselves going in the right direction soon with a renewal. After all, there isn’t any other good television worth watching on Saturdays until around 11:30 at night.

Of course, we want to hear all of your predictions below when it comes to the “Hell on Wheels” finale, and there will be more news posted soon.

Photo: AMC

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