ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3 spoilers: Bellamy Young on Mellie as fixer

Take a look -Are we going to be seeing a very different dynamic to “Scandal” season 3 when it comes to just who is the person solving problems now? Based on the latest of what we are hearing, it certainly does sound like the dynamic has shifted, and Olivia Pope is really not going to be the person controlling destiny behind the scenes like a puppetmaster.

Rather, Bellamy Young explains in a new interview with TVLine that her own character of Mellie is going to be in a great bit more power now, given that her words and phrases could dictate what happens in the election. In the public’s eyes, she is a sympathetic figure, and she can therefore use that to her advantage to do more or less anything that she wants:

“[Olivia] is no longer the fixer. She is like the client. Mellie is the fixer in her own mind. We’re looking at a reelection campaign, so I’ve got to handle it because we need four more years. And Mellie has a very particular idea about who a scapegoat should be, what a strategy should be, how to push it all under the rug so we can get past it and get reelected. Of course, it will no doubt blow up in her face as Mellie’s plans inevitably do.”

With that latter statement in mind, that is probably what we are going to look forward to now more than anything else. We’re not necessarily rooting for Mellie to be embarrassed and for her plans to fail, but “Scandal” is at its best when all of the major characters are reeling, and you really get the feeling that just about everyone is on the brink of constant disaster.

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Photo: ABC

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