‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7 spoilers: Raj as the new Leonard?

Raj -The Big Bang Theory” has done several things well over the course of its run on CBS, and one of them is continually finding new ways to grow and develop who are at their core a group of geeky guys. Just go back and watch the pilot if you don’t believe that most of these people have changed. Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard are clearly all very different people that they were years ago, save for their love of gaming and other geeky things. Two of them are in long-term relationships, and the other one is now married and no longer saying inappropriate things about Penny.

As for Raj, he’s also made some progress. He used to be a guy stunned into silence whenever a woman entered the room, but thanks to some events from the season 6 finale, he has at least figured out that it is possible for him to communicate with them. Progress is progress, right?

Well, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Steven Molaro says that Raj is basically now in the same sort of position that Leonard was in years ago, and there is an opportunity to continue to play on his discomfort with women, albeit in a very different way:

“That idea has always been a part of the show and it’s nice we can keep it going through somebody else now.”

Raj’s adventures in dating should be fun, no? Of course, there is a sadistic part of us that expects this to primarily be entertaining mostly because we know that it is not going to go well. He’s coming off a tough relationship with Lucy, and we can’t imagine him being able to dive into the dating pool here and having it be an immediate success; though regardless of whether it is with Lucy or someone else, we feel good that he will be able to find love at some point.

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Photo: CBS

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