‘Supernatural’ season 9: Another look at Misha Collins’ Castiel

Another look -When it comes to handing new promotional peeks for their shows, The CW is intent on doing it as often as they can. We’ve already seen quite a few of them when it comes to “Supernatural” featuring the three main characters, including one already that was strictly focused on Misha Collins’ Castiel.

But can having another promotional photo of the same variety really hurt them? We don’t think so. The image to the left features Castiel pensively looking to the left, as we have the fancy blue lights of yet another camera pointing straight at him. This is another one of those “behind the scenes” photos, which we find to be personally very bizarre since there are probably more of these out there than there are actual promotional photos waiting to be released.

What we would love to see at this point are some more photo hints as to what is coming up when it comes to Castiel’s story on this upcoming ninth season. We know courtesy of the season 9 finale that the character is going to be falling from Heaven, and without any angel powers to boot, but what does that really mean? Outside of him having to learn to do human things for the first time, it will be very interesting to see, and since Collins is a series regular this time around, we will have many weeks in order to figure it out.

For now, some other plans for “Supernatural” season 9 include a love from Dean’s past, the return of Jim Beaver as Bobby, and the possibility of there being some other ramifications of what happened with Sam and the trials at the end of last season. We’ll start to find out when the show returns at that all-familiar date: Tuesday, October 8 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Photo: The CW (via SpoilerTV)

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