‘America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls’ preview: Trailer-park turmoil

The latest -Tonight on “America’s Next Top Model,” the guys and girls are going to be participating in what is one of the funnier photo-shoot challenges in recent memory, given that they are going to try and make being trailer-park hillbillies (see: Any person on the “Jerry Springer Show”), and turn it into something that is model-esque and appropriate for these contestants.

So how will they fare? It’s hard to tell based on 30 seconds, but both Don and Phil (otherwise known now as Model Jesus) are going to be two of the guys who bring the comedy based on the promo below. They are also two of the guys who actually need some sort of victory if they want to last for a while longer this season. The past two weeks have been hard for them, with Phil almost being denigrated to a joke based on the photos that have been given to him (a pet, a guy in love with an inanimate object).

One thing we do feel confident in right now? That there will probably be a guy in trouble this week. This past episode took out Chlea, and while the scores matter the most, we’re sure that the show would probably prefer to have a relatively even number of men and women on the show for the sake of giving fans of each gender some people to root for. Phil clearly has some trouble, and we’re still not sure that Mike can keep his momentum week to week after coming out and surprising with a best photo recently.

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Photo: The CW

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