ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 premiers spoilers: Emily VanCamp and company are in for a shock

Revenge -While most ABC series right now are not exactly giving their secrets away when it comes to their promo footage, we cannot say that “Revenge” is doing the same thing.

In the first video below from the hit drama, you can see a scene that is actually going to play out during the first 60 seconds of the September 29 premiere. This is going to be yet another flash-forward (as you have seen on the show many times), but this time around, there is a major twist: We are actually seeing who is supposedly getting killed. Not only that, but it’s Emily Thorne! Just to make things even more complicated, it is happening on what is supposed to be her wedding day. Her body careens off of the boat, and then promptly into the water.

While killing off Emily VanCamp would be a dramatic twist that would certainly drum up some attention on the show, we also have to admit that this is probably the last thing that the show would actually do. She’s a breakout star right now, and we imagine that ABC will want her around as long as humanly possible. Maybe she is wearing a bulletproof vest underneath her wedding dress, or maybe this is all a gigantic ruse designed for the sole purpose of convincing people that she is dead, that way she can go about her vengeful ways under a heavy veil.

What’s your take on this “Revenge” promo, and do you think that Emily is really going to get shot? We’ve got some more scoop on the show via Gabriel Mann at the link here, and we will have some more news related to the show once it becomes available.

Photo: ABC

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