‘NCIS’ season 11 debate: Will Cote de Pablo’s successor serve as love interest?

More news -Earlier this week, we’re sure that you heard the news that “NCIS” is currently casting a new woman to eventually become a significant part of the cast, much in the saw way that Cote de Pablo’s Ziva was for the past eight seasons. It’s not fair to say that she is a replacement per se, but much of the screen time that Cote had will be handed over to her.

Here is what you missed on the character, in case you haven’t seen the news just yet: The role’s name is Bishop, and the original fear that many fans have is that there is a little bit of a Mary Sue feeling coming from the description of her being bright, athletic, young, attractive, focused, and in her twenties. The one thing that keeps her from really venturing into that territory (thankfully) is that she is apparently socially awkward. Really, it’s not fair to judge a character until we’ve seen them; we’ve seen the fan base more than vocalize itself the past few weeks, but the cast and crew will figure this out. They got this show to #1 for a reason: They’re smart, and they know how to please their audience.

But we still have to ask the harrowing question: Could this Bishop be a romantic interest for any member of the team? We definitely can’t see her being with Tony, given both the age difference, the recent exit of Ziva, and the simple fact that it would probably cause fan revolts in the streets. McGee also currently has Delilah, and while Bishop’s first appearance is still several weeks off (she won’t appear until likely January on the show), this also seems unlikely.

Personally, we’re just hoping that “NCIS” scraps the love interest angle for a while, and focuses instead on keeping the story on something that all viewers would probably love to see at this point: Fun. Less on the romance following Ziva’s exit, and more on the creative cases. Then again, there’s really not that much romance on the show itself sometimes as it is, and the writers may just stay the course; the relationships tend to be blown up by fans after the fact thanks to their own understandable “ships.”

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