‘Dexter’ season 8, episode 8 preview: The latest ‘kill room’ discovery

What's next? -On Sunday night’s “Dexter” season 8 episode, Dexter Morgan is going to investigate a very different sort of kill room than one that he has occupied in the past. What’s the difference? It’s not one that he actually put together for himself.

Instead, what we have in the video below is Dexter taking a look at some of the early work of one Zach Hamilton, his young protegee. He briefly had Zach on his table, which is why he was familiar enough with the layout to try and set a room up. The differences here? Mostly that Zach was a little bit sloppy in parts, but as Harry points out, so was Dexter on his first attempt. All in all, it’s still a good try for the young guy, but the plan for Dexter at the end of the day still seems to be for Zach to die, and he may even use this kill room as a way for it to happen after what happened with Cassie.

Granted, we also cannot rule out the fact that Hannah McKay is outside of the room, and that is not something that should give Deb much solace at all if she ever finds out. Dexter clearly is not looking to kill her, regardless of anything that she has done including trying to kill his sister. Plus, we know that (spoiler alert!) she lives to see at least a couple more episodes based on some of the photos that are already released.

We don’t at least anticipate a great end here for Zach, given that we have a hard time imagining that the rest of this final season is going to be based around the character at all. This entire year is feeling a little disjointed, and there is a major part of us that would rather just see him dispatched so we can get on with the story that is a little more pressing.

Photo: Showtime

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